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          "SLZ" win famous brand again

          Recently, Bearings of “SLZ” registered brand of Hefei Sanli Bearings Co., Ltd. was recommended jointly by State-owned Asserts Supervision and Administration Commission of the people’s government of Anhui province, The Bureau of Commerce of Anhui Province, Anhui Administration for Industry and Commerce, Anhui Association of Scientists and Entrepreneurs and Anhui Bureau of Quality and Technical, It is achieved the first session “ The famous ten brands of  Anhui province”.

          That day , the award ceremony was grandly held in Great Hall of the people of AnhuiProvince.

          The important leaders ofAnhuiprovince were presenting the ceremony. Mr. Guo Wanqing, vice director ofAnhuiprovincial people’ congress awarded the certificate and the medal to the enterprises which won the honour. And the delegate of Hefei Sanli Bearings Co., Ltd. on the stage solemnly stated “ by our much more hard work, we will manufacture the best bearings”.

          At the same time , as representatives of the enterprises ,Mr. Zuoyan, the CEO from JAC group and the General Manager of MaAnShan Steel and Iron Co., Ltd. made a passionate speech.